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Panasonic 83 Minute Professional Quality Mini DV Tape: AY-DVM83PQUS

This new DVM83PQUS Professional Quality minidv tape is made by Panasonic specifically for the US Market. The DVM-83PQUS boasts excellent electromagnetic performance, high durability and optimal head-to-head contact. Panasonic puts their many years of research and development into this tape to make it rugged, reliable and durable.

With AME (Advanced Metal Evaporation) technology, the PQ offers high signal output, durability and reliability you can count on! The ABS resin shell only enhances the durability of the tape by preventing warping and also offering impact resistance. While the shell protects the tape inside, the anti-static lid works to further keep out dust and contaminates that may interfere and cause drop outs. Use the sliding lock mechanism to prevent accidental erasure of footage on the tape.

Another perk of the new Professional series Mini DV tapes is the 2-way soft case. This case won't break if dropped and has two different ways of opening it. This makes removing a tape while shooting easy, and if you accidentally drop the case it won't shatter into dozens of pieces.


  • 83 Minutes of recording time
  • ABS resin cassette shell
  • Anti-static lid to keep out dust and debris
  • 2-way soft case that won't break if dropped
  • 33 minute and 63 minute lengths are available too
  • Known as AY-DVM83PQUS, DVM83PQUS, 83PQUS