Qty1 - 1920 - Unlimited

Fujifilm Pro HD are high quality tapes for HD and DV recording. DV141HD-186L records for 186 minutes in HDV/DV mode, 279 minutes in DV/LP mode, or 124 minutes in DVCAM/Professional Mode. These tapes are designed to meet the needs of videographers and broadcast professionals who require a reliable, durable HDV videocassette that works in the field as well as it does in the studio. The high density of magnetic particles on each tape enhances the audio and video quality, for maximum output and minimum noise.

Each cassette features a protective Diamond-Like Coating (DLC) to help minimize friction, assuring low head wear and a longer lasting tape. Low error rate enhances playback of high-volume HD signal data, and the improved cleaning system reduces dropouts and spacing loss.